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Willy Gonza – Make It Bang

New Jersey is turning into a hotbed for rap music as they continue to churn out new artist on a consistent basis. Hudson County native Willy Gonza is looking to pave his own way into the game by combining his unique personality and versatility on the microphone. Over a month ago Willy Gonza...

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Skepta – “Back Then”

Damn shame that Skepta didn’t grace the freshmen list. This weekend, Skepta jumped on a Plastician remix of Mike Jones’ “Still Tippin’” from 2005, and dropped more hard bars. This guy is pushing grime into the mainstream limelight...

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Tommy Genesis – World Vision (Album Stream)

Thecomeupradio faithful, let me introduce you to Tommy Genesis. Tommy is the newest signee of Awful Records. This weekend, we saw her release her full debut album. The Vancouver-born artist shares blends a host of different sounds on this one, I love her ear for production. I really hope we can...

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Jay Rock – “Gumbo”

Being a Jay Rock fan has been tough over the past couple of years. It has been four years since the release of a full length. With that being said, 2015 has had more light than the years past. We have seen a nice bit of guest features and loosies. Jay Rock keeps the ball rolling today with a new...

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